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The Wolf M-485 Blastlite provides a powerful, safe and cost effective ATEX and IECEx certified lighting solution for shot, sand and water blasting applications.

Taking maximum advantage of the powerful ATEX and IECEx Zone 0 certified M-85 Midi Torch, the Blastlite's tightly focussed white beam cuts through dust and spray improving visibility and resulting in more precise blasting and a higher quality surface finish.  By reducing the need to constantly stop and re-assess the surface, you'll save time and increase productivity.

Securely attached to the nozzle or hose and protected against accidental bounceback by a robust, recyclable and replaceable glass lens, the Blastlite's powerful beam is targeted directly on to the surface being worked upon.

Easy and quick to set up, you simply place the glass lens inside the lens ring and clip the lens ring onto the M-85 torch. Slot the torch into the bracket, rotate the lens ring and torch 90 degrees to lock in place and cable tie the bracket to the nozzle holder or hose.

The Blastlite is available as a complete package -  which includes the M-85 Midi Torch, bracket, lens ring, glass lens and cable ties - or you can use any existing M-80 or M-85 and purchase the accessories separately - see the options below:

M-485: Blastlite - contaning 1 X M-85 Torch; 1 X Blastlite bracket; 1 X lens ring; 1 X replaceable glass lens; 2 X cable ties

M-480: Blastlite bracket kit - containing 1 X Blastlite bracket; 1 X lens ring; 1 X replaceable glass lens; 2 X cable ties

M-482: 1 X Blastlite lens ring

M-486/5: 5 X Blastlite glass lens

The Wolf Blastlite is suitable for use on 58mm nozzle or hose.

Features & Benefits

  • ATEX and IECEx lighting solution for shot blasting applications with poor visibility
  • Up to 210 lumens supplied by the M-85 Midi Torch:
    • Tight focussed beam cuts through dust for greater accuracy as you work
    • Increased efficieny due to fewer stops to check the work area
    • Better quality results
  • Robust, replaceable and recyclable lens protects the torch lens from accidental blowback
  • Quick and easy to attach and detach
  • Cost effective alternative to using cable powered lighting 
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Spares readily available
  • Readily available primary cell power source - 4 X AA cells
  • Quick and easy to change batteries
Product Description

Blastlite Bracket Kit


Spare Blastlite Lens Ring


Blastlite Glass Lens (Pack of 5)


Blastlite Bracket with M-85 torch. Consists of Blastlite Bracket, Blastlite Lens Ring and 1 x replaceable Glass Lens

Product Reference Product Description Notes
M-485 Blastlite Bracket with M-85 Torch
M-485 Blastlite Bracket with M-85 Torch 1 x M-85 Torch; Blastlite bracket; Lens Rins; 1 x replaceable glass lens
M-480 Blastlite Bracket Kit Blastlite bracket; Lens ring; 1 x replaceable glass lens
M-482 Blastlite Lens Ring 1 x Blastlite lens ring
M-486/5 Blastlite Glass Lens Pack Pack of 5 x replaceable glass lens

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