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30cm Hazardous Location Fan/Ventilator

EFi75xx, AFi75xx

ATEX Certification IECEX Certification

Zones: 2 and 22

The EFi75xx and AFi75xx 30cm fan/ventilation units provide an impressive airflow for their form size, delivering up to 2,500 cfm (4,250m³/hr) (EFi75xx) or 2,042 cfm (3,471m³/hr (measurement @ 80psig inlet air)) (AFi75xx). The unit is available with a variety of power supply modes to fit the application at hand. The two electric powered modes allow for supply of 115V or 230V, or alternatively the unit can be powered pneumatically through air compression. 

Both the EFi75xx and AFi75xx have 2 duct adapters fitted enabling a variety of ducting to be used in unison with the product for optimum positioning of the ventilator. The units are durable, with PC/ABS Anti-static casing which is weatherproof, flame resistant and chemical resistant allowing for use in the most challenging work environments. 

IMPA codes

EB7201xx - 591506, 591418, 591423

EB7201xx230 - 5911506, 5911419, 591424

AB7000 - 591511, 591425

Product Description

30cm EFi75xx Electric Hazardous Area Fan/Ventilator

Gas Zone: 2 Dust Zone: 22


30cm AFi75xx Pneumatic Hazardous Area Fan/Ventilator

Gas Zone: 2 Dust Zone: 22

Product Reference AFi75xx EFi75xx (115V) EFi75xx (230V)
Product Description 30cm Hazardous Area Fan / Ventilator 
Code II 2 G EX de IIB T6 Gb

Type of Protection

'de' flameproof
Area of Class (Gas) Zones 1 and 2, Gas Groups IIA and IIB
Max Surface Temp (Gas) T6
Ambient Temp. (Gas) -30°C TO +40°C

DEMKO 09 ATEX 0926969X

IECEx 13.0062X


Anti-static Polycarbonate

ABS Alloy

Motor GAST 4AM-NRV-50C 0.75 Hp (0.56 kW)
Power - 115V 1Ø 50/60Hz 230V 1Ø 50/60Hz

Amps (Start/run)

- 115V (37A / 7.2A) 230V (27A / 3A)


Free Air Through Duct

2,042 cfm (3,471 m³/hr (measurement @ 80psig inlet air)) 2,500 cfm (4,250 m³/hr)

15'/4.6m /w one 90° turn:

- 1,664 cfm (2,829 m³/hr)

15'/4.6m /w two 90° turn:

- 1,529 cfm (2,599 m³/hr)

Ingress Protection


Dimensions (h/w/d)

41 x 42 x 41 cm 41 x 38 x 41 cm


15kg 20kg

Duct Adapters



89db @ 1m
Air Pressure (PSIG) Inlet Air 80

Air Consumption scfm (m³/hr)

40 (68)
Compressor Hp 6.4
Induction Ratio 51:1

Product Dimensions

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