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Charger C-251 LV/HV/HVE

C-251 HV/LV/HVE chargers are for use with the Wolflite H-251A\LED Rechargeable and Wolflite H-251MK2 Handlamps.

Batteries are charged internally in these products via charging studs on the base of the handlamp. The chargers are designed to hold the handlamps while charging enabling the handlamps to always be ready for use.

The C-251 HV is for use at mains voltages of 230 volts or 120 volts, selectable by voltage changeover switch, also available with a European 2-Pin Plug (C-251 HVE).

The C-251 LV is for use in vehicles at low voltages of between 12 and 32 volts.

All chargers may be used free standing or can be bench or wall mounted.

33 06 09 - C-251HV
33 06 10 - C-251HVE

Product Description
C-251 LV

Low Voltage Handlamp Charger

C-251 HV

Mains Voltage Handlamp Charger

C-251 HVE

Mains Voltage Handlamp Charger (European 2-Pin Plug)

Product Reference C-251 LV C-251 HV
Product Description Low Voltage
Handlamp Charger
Mains Voltage
Handlamp Charger
Apparatus Standards EN60 335
Insulation Class III II
Enclosure Polypropylene
Input Voltage 12-32Vdc 120/230Vac*
Recharge Time 10-12 hrs at 24v 8-10 hrs
Ingress Protection IP20
Weight 0.5kg 0.75kg
Mounting All chargers may be bench or wall mounted
Compatible handlamp H-251MK2 / H-251A\LED
  • C-251 HV is also available with a European 2-Pin Plug - Model No. C-251 HVE.
  • *C-251 HV may also be powered from 'rig' voltage 254Vac 60 Hz.
  • All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate.
  • Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request.

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