The Wolf ATEX LED Installed Linear lighting range is available with either FFA (Forward Facing Array) LED modules or our own revolutionary, patented DLO (Directional Linear Optics) modules.  Both versions have Emergency models with backup battery power supply, and are available in the standard industry sizes - 2 feet and 4 feet.

Which version should I choose?

LMX FFA (Forward Facing Array) LED luminaires should be used when:

  • Illuminating large areas and the light is mounted at a greater height or distance away from operators (so they are not affected by glare and light intensity)
  • More transient areas, where operators are not working continuously

LMX DLO (Directional Linear Optics) LED luminaires should be chosen to help reduce debilitating glare when:

  • Lights are mounted at a lower level (i.e. in the eyeline of operators working nearby)
  • Operators are present for longer time periods
  • Tasks being carried out in the area require high quality, consistent light

Emergency versions with back-up battery supply of both FFA and DLO luminaires are available in 2 feet and 4 feet versions.