What does SOVI™ stand for?

SOVI™ stands for Safe Optimal Voltage Indicator - and it's Wolf Safety's unique technology to ensure that its ATEX, IECEx and UKEX certified Hazardous Area lighting equipment is operating with enhanced safety and at the optimal voltage rate.

SOVI™ - the unique Safe Optimal Voltage Indicator system clearly alerts the user if lights are running outside the certified and optimal operating voltage ranges, maximising both safety and performance. 

In the unlikely event that the light is operating at a voltage above the maximum certified limit, the beam will pulse bright to dim, clearly warning the operator to take the appropriate action to ensure that work can continue safely in the Hazardous Area.

However, it is more common for issues to occur at the lower end of the voltage range.  For example, on 24-volt lights, if too many lights are strung together and the transformer is overloaded, voltage could drop below the optimal level and light output will reduce accordingly.  If this does occur, SOVI™ ensures the light will pulse bright, clearly showing that the lamp is not operating at its optimal voltage level – even though the light itself is still safe, as it is certified down to 0 volts. This is different from other ATEX lights on the market, where a reduced voltage supply can lead to the light operating outside the certified voltage range.

The clear, visual warning system means that there is no need for a specific electrical resource to set up or move the lighting; its plug and play nature means that there is no safety risk in connecting too many lights together and you are clearly alerted if input voltage, and consequently light output, falls below optimum levels or exceeds the maximum safe level.


You can read more about SOVI™ here on our blog page.