Wolf's extensive range of positioning, mounting and protection accessories, encompassing fixing kits, films and cable management, for the LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaire (LX-400 & LX-400E) give workers more secure temporary installation solutions for temporary lighting in hazardous area working environments.

Product Information

Wolf’s LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaire plastic brackets, with snap shut mechanism and screw to lock securely closed around a luminaire, form a key component of all Wolf’s fixing kits giving flexible and sturdy mounting and positioning options for temporary applications. Securely mount or hang a luminaire almost anywhere and in any orientation - putting the luminaire exactly where it is needed. 


  • LX-690 Bracket Kit - With brackets and screws fix directly to flat walls.
  • LX-680 Magnet Bracket Kit - With magnet pads grip to flat ferrous metal surfaces.
  • LX-678 Scaffold Bracket Kit - With stainless steel pipe clamps with rubber linings fit to standard poles 47 to 51 mm diameter.
  • LX-679 Unistrut Bracket Kit - With unistrut nuts attach to standard channel systems.
  • LX-671 Eye Bolt / LX-672 Dual Eye Bracket Kit - With eye bolts suspend with carabiners and S hooks from existing infrastructure.
  • LX-670 Tripod Bracket Kit - With fixing bar attach horizontally or vertically to tripod stand.
  • LX-654 Hanging Straps - With straps hang from existing infrastructure.

Note: Each kit contains the brackets to mount one LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaire or two lights where Dual specified.


For standalone luminaire positioning, Wolf's tripods give a stable platform allowing the luminaire to be attached with the Tripod Bracket Kit and used at a variety of heights and positions to deliver vertical or horizontal forward facing light, in the horizontal position the light can be directed upwards, illuminating the work area from the underside. The range of Tripod Stands available are lightweight, easily transportable, made from steel and will extend a lamp to a height of up to 3.2 metres and are ideal for both '180°' (unidirectional illumination) and '360°' (omni-directional 'all round' illumination) luminaires to maximise light area coverage for workers.


Not only is the positioning and mounting of luminaires key to worker efficiency but also the protection of the outer tube from damage to ensure its longevity, in optimal condition, for repeat usage. Wolf luminaires are used regularly in blasting, jetting, coating and painting applications and are protected from residue build-up by the use of a Protective Film or Protective Cover Kit, easily replaced between uses to ensure the product is delivering maximum light output without obstructions. Each film is supplied with an easy peel foam back adhesive for ease of application.

LX-545/3 Anti-Static Protective Film (Hazardous Area Certified) - the Hazardous Area certified, anti-static LX-545/3 Protective Film can be attached to luminaire protect it from dirt, paint and other contaminants to increase the life of the product, whilst still allowing excellent light output. Each pack contains 3 films.

LX-621 Anti-Static Protection Cover Kit (Hazardous Area Certified) - The Hazardous Area certified, anti-static LX-621 Protection Pack protects the light from dirt, paint and other contaminates.  Covering the whole product, the protective cover seals around the power cable with the cable ties provided, minimising potential damage to the light and helping to extend its useful life.  Each kit contains 5 bags.

If the luminaire is deemed too bright, when being used in a confined space at head height by a worker, an LX-374 Internal Diffuser Film can be installed to minimise glare. Finally, to keep the working area free from potential trip hazards, cable can be managed using a LX-692 Magnet Cable Tidy to elevate it from the ground along a ferrous metal surface.

If you require something different to suit a particular hazardous area need, whether a variation to our existing range or a totally new accessory for a unique application and environment, please contact us to discuss the development of a practical and safe accessory solution.

Technical Information

Product Reference Product Description Notes
LX-690 Bracket Kit To mount one LX-400
LX-680 Magnet Bracket Kit To mount one LX-400
LX-671 Eye Bolt Bracket Kit To mount one LX-400
LX-672 Dual Eye Bracket Kit To mount two LX-400s side-by-side
LX-678 Scaffold Bracket Kit To mount one LX-400
LX-670 Tripod Bracket Kit To mount one LX-400 on a Tripod Stand
LX-679 Unistrut Bracket Kit To mount one LX-400
LX-654 Hanging Straps 2 straps per pack
LX-674 S Hook 2 per pack - Length 150mm / Throat 55mm
LX-675 Carabiner 2 per pack - Length 120mm / Gate 17mm
LX-545/3 Protective Film 3 per pack
LX-621/5 Protection Cover Kit 5 per pack
LX-374 Internal Diffuser Film 1 per pack
LX-692 Magnet Cable Tidy 1 per pack
  • All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate.
  • Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request.


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