Wolf’s Markerlite accessory kits, the ML-605 and HT-15,  make for even easier and more effective use of the ML-15 Markerlite within Hazardous Areas.  

Product Information

Available in red, white and amber, the three Markerlite models can be used  easily and quickly to indicate different types of hazards.  The small and light weight warning lights are easily portable and their 180light output is visible from a distance of ½ a mile (0.8km).  The ML-15 Markerlite has numerous applications, being particularly useful to warn of obstacles and potential dangers, allowing personnel to be clearly seen and marking safe pathways within the hazardous work area.  With static and flashing modes, the ML-15 Markerlites have a maximum battery duration of 65 hours in the flashing mode and 25 hours in the static mode. Battery replacement is quick, easy, and inexpensive. 


The ML-605 attachment accessory kit contains a magnet, rubber band and crocodile clip. The magnet allows the Markerlite to be securely placed on tanks, exits or hazards with a magnetic surface. The rubber band is quick and easy to use and allows the Markerlites to be attached to irregular shapes – ideal for area demarcation and hazard identification. The ML-15 Markerlite can be attached to virtually anything with the crocodile clip and is particularly useful to attach the light to clothing for identification. 

The magnet, rubber band and crocodile clip allow the Markerlite to be easily and single-handedly attached and removed from objects – perfect for positioning within the Hazardous area with the minimum of effort.  


The Arm / Head Band is an adjustable fabric strap for the Markerlite. To clearly highlight the position of personnel, a Markerlite can be easily mounted to the band and comfortably worn, at a low profile, directly on the head for extended periods or the band can be adjusted and positioned on the arm over heavy hazardous area work wear.

The Markerlite is supplied ready to use with an integrated clip which ensures secure fixing to the band.

Supplied with a set of 4 helmet clips the band can be securely attached to protective headwear.

Technical Information

Product Reference HT-15 ML-605
Product Description Arm / Head Band (inc. 4 helmet clips) Accessory kit containing Crocodile clip, Magnet and rubber band.
Material Fabric Plastic, Rubber
For Use With Markerlite / ATEX LED HT-400Z0 Headtorch Markerlite
  • All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate.
  • Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request.


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