The Ramfan 40cm ATEX certified VF-EFi150xx hazardous area fan is the largest in the range and produces a class leading airflow of up to 4,459 cfm (7,580 m³/hr). 

Product Information

VF-EFI150xx (115v), VF-EF150xx (230v)

Ramfan™ is the world leading manufacturer of fans and ventilators for hazardous areas.

The fan is stackable, which enables a combination of units to further increase the airflow if required, as well as reducing the space needed for storage.  

The fans are ATEX & IECEx certified for use in zone 1 & 2, and have an IP55 rating.

The 2 duct adaptor allow the attachment of different ducting as required. 

IMPA codes


Features & Benefits

  • ATEX and IECEx certified for use in Zone 1 & 2
  • Class leading airlfow of up to 4,459 cfm (7,580 m3/hr)
  • Durable, PC/ABS anti-static casing which is:
    • weatherproof
    • flame retardant
    • chemical resistant
  • IP55 water tight rain tested switch enclosure
  • Voltage range: 115V/230V

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VF-EFi150xx (115V)

Gas Zone: 1 and 2

Power: Lead

VF-EFi150xx (230V)

Gas Zone: 1 and 2

Power: Lead

Technical Information

Product Reference VF-EFi150xx (115V) VF-EFi150xx (230V)
Product Description 115V 40cm Hazardous Location Fan / Ventilator  230V 40cm Hazardous Location Fan / Ventilator 

II 2 G Ex db eb IIB T6 Gb

II 2 G Ex h IIB T6 Gb

Type of Protection

'db' flameproof enclosures

'eb' increased safety

'h' non-electrical equipment

Area of Class (Gas) Zones 1 & 2, Gas Groups IIA and IIB
Max Surface Temp (Gas) T6
Ambient Temp. (Gas) -20°C TO +40°C

DEMKO 09 ATEX 0926969X

IECEx UL 13.0062X

Enclosure Anti-static PolycarbonateABS Alloy
Motor 1.5 Hp (1.1 kW)
Voltage 115V 50/60Hz 230V 50/60Hz
Amps:Start Amps: Run

115V: 80A

115V: 15A

230V: 40A

230V: 8A

Airflow - Free Air 4,459 cfm (7,580 m³/hr) 
Airflow - Through Duct: 4.6m with one 90° turn: 3,179 cfm (5,404 m³/hr)
Ingress Protection IP55
Dimensions (h/w/d) 48 x 46 x 41 cm
Weight 28kg
Duct Adapters 2
Noise 90.2 dB @ 1m


Download file - 40cm Fan/Ventilator Product Information Sheet
Download file - Ramfan Fan/Ventilator Instructions
Download file - Fan/Ventilator ATEX Certificate
Download file - Fan/Ventilator IECEx Certificate
Download file - Declaration of Conformity for Ventilation Products

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