The range of positioning, mounting and protection accessories for the WF-300XL and WF-250XL includes fixing kits and Wolf's unique hazardous area certified, anti-static protection kits, as well as cable management fixtures. 

Product Information

Wolf’s fixing kits give flexible and sturdy mounting and positioning options for temporary applications - putting the floodlite exactly where it is needed to illuminate the work area and facilitate the work task.

Fixing Kits

WF-545: Magnet Kit - the WF-545 Magnet Kit has a stainless steel grille and 4 magnetic pads to grip tighly to flat ferrous metal surfaces.

WF-699: Scaffold Kit - The WF-699 Scaffold Kit allows the Floodlite to be fitted safely and securely to standard scaffold poles.


For standalone floodlite positioning, Wolf's tripods give a stable platform allowing the floodlite to be attached and used at a variety of heights, enabling light to be directed at the work area from a wide variety of angles. The Tripods are lightweight, easily transportable and ideal to help maximise the work area illuminated.  Tripods are particularly useful for larger areas where increasing the height allows a greater area to be illuminated, and for trench work, where light can be directed into the trench below.

Two models of tripod are available:

LL-699: Medium Duty - Steel (Plated) – max. height 2.4m
LL-668: Heavy Duty – Steel (Plated) – max. height 3.2m

An optional mounting bracket (LL-669 Z bracket) is available for the WF-300XL to attach to the lamp/tripod and facilitate an easy removal of the lamp for frequent positioning at ground level.

A number of accessories are available to protect the WF-300XL from damage during shot blasting, dirt, paint and other contaminates.  These help prolong the life of the product and reduce costs.

Protection Kits

WF-480: Stainless Steel Mesh Cover - ideal for use in harsher environments where the lamp could be subjected to rough use, the WF-480 Stainless Steel Mesh Cover is easily and quickly mounted and removed from the floodlight frame with the supplied fixings.

WF-421/3: Anti-Static Lens Guard (Hazardous Area Certified) - the Hazardous Area certified, anti-static WF-421/3 Lens Guard can be attached to the front of the floodlite with the provided screws to protect the toughened glass lens and increase the life of the product, whilst still allowing excellent light output.

WF-462: Anti-Static Protection Cover Kit (Hazardous Area Certified) - The Hazardous Area certified, anti-static WF-462 Protection Kit protects the light from dirt, paint and other contaminates.  Covering the whole product, the protection cover seals around the power cable with the cable ties provided, minimalising damage to the light and helping to extend its useful life.

WF-478: Protective S/S grille kit with fixings 

Cable Management

LX-692: Magnet Cable Tidy - to keep the working area free from potential trip hazards, cable can be managed using the LX-692 Magnet Cable Tidy to elevate it from the ground along a ferrous metal surface.


If you require something special to suit a particular Hazardous Area need, whether a variation to our existing range or a totally new accessory for a unique application or environment, please contact us to discuss the development of a practical and safe accessory solution.

Technical Information

Product Reference Product Description Notes
Fixing Kits
 WF-545 Magnet Mounting Kit 1 x Stainless Steel frame, 4 x magnets and fixings
 WF-699 Scaffold Fixing Kit Scaffold mounting bracket for use on standard scaffold poles
 WF-480 Stainless Steel Grille 1 Stainless Steel grille kit with fixings
WF-421/3 Lens Guard Kit Lens Guard Kit, consisting of 3 x Anti-Static coated Polycarbonate screens and 4 x thumb screws
WF-462 Floodlite Protection Cover Kit 5 x 600mm x 1100mm 500 gauge Anti-Static Polythene covers and 5 x tie wraps
Cable Management
 LX-692 Magnet Cable Tidy 1 per pack
LL-699 Medium Duty Steel - plated, maximum height 2.4m
LL-668 Heavy Duty Steel - plated, maximum height 3.2m
  • Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request.


Download file - WF-300XL Accessories Product Information Sheet

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