The Wolf Markerlite is a self-contained, high visibility led indicator which is CE marked to the ATEX directive and IECEx certified for safe use in potentially explosive zone 1 (IIC/T4) gas and zone 21 (IIIB/200°c) dust atmospheres. 

ML-15W (Left) & ML-15R (Right) Markerlites

Product Information

ML-15W, ML-15A, ML-15R
ZONES: 1, 2, 21 AND 22

In dark and reduced visibility environments, the Markerlite can be used in many hazardous area applications to clearly highlight the position of personnel or hazards, ranging  from personal identification on protective headwear, clothing and site bicycles to escape route, exit and equipment marking.

Two coin primary cells power an ultra bright 'fitted for life' LED light, available in white, red or amber, with switchable flashing (up to 65 hours output) or static (up to 25 hours output) functions, to deliver an excellent wide angle beam of 180° light, visible from front and sides.

The Markerlite can be securely fixed and left in position for extended periods of time to continuously highlight dangers and obstacles to minimise the risk of injuries and accidents - easily mounts on a headband strap or fixes to a tube using a cable tie (supplied) and grip pad stops rotation.  Equally its small size and weight, less than 37mm in diameter and 23 grams with batteries, make it ideal for carrying on your person. 

Built for longevity and total reliability, the Markerlite has robust single handed switching for operation and function selection, drop and impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure and lens and is IP67 dust tight and protected against the effects of immersion up to 1m under water.

The Markerlite is supplied ready to use with integrated clip, re-usable cable tie, batteries and instructions.

  • Enhanced Safety

    Can be used to illuminate workforce or hazards in poorly lit environments

  • Lightweight

    Just 23 grams, easily carried in pockets or bags

  • Usability

    Easy to mount on your person or hazards with accessories

Features & Benefits

  • For indication in explosive gas and dust atmospheres
  • ATEX and IECEx certified zones 1 and 2
  • Ultra bright ‘fitted for life’ LED
  • Small and lightweight at 23 grams with batteries
  • Visible over 0.5 miles / 0.8 kilometres away in the dark
  • Easily attaches to clothing and equipment
  • Fitted with integrated clip and cable tie slot (reusable cable tie supplied)
  • 3V Lithium cells last over 65 hrs (flashing) and 25 hrs (static)
  • 3 colours available – white / red / amber
  • IP67 rated
  • Supplied with batteries

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Gas Zone: 1 and 2

Dust Zone: 21 and 22

Power: Battery

Colour: White


Gas Zone: 1 and 2

Dust Zone: 21 and 22

Power: Battery

Colour: Amber


Gas Zone: 1 and 2

Dust Zone: 21 and 22

Power: Battery

Colour: Red

Technical Information

Product Reference ML-15W ML-15A ML-15R
Product Description White Amber Red
Code (Industrial) II 2 GD Ex ib IIC T4 Gb (Tamb -40°C to +55°C) IP67
Ex ib IIIB T200°C Db
Type of Protection ‘ib’ intrinsic safety
Area of Classification (Gas) Zones 1 and 2
Gas Groups IIA, IIB & IIC
Temp. Classification (Gas) T4
Ambient Temperature -40°C -  +55°C
Area of Classification (Dust) Zones 21 and 22
Dust Groups IIIA & IIIB
Max Surface Temperature (Dust) T200°C
Certification ATEX - Baseefa14ATEX0203
IECEx - IECEx BAS 14.0095
Enclosure Polycarbonate and Thermoplastic Elastomer
Lens  Polycarbonate
Beam Type Wide Angle (180°)
Light  High Output LED
Light Source Type LED White LED Amber LED Red
Output  4.7 lumens
Life 25,000 hrs
Power Source Type CR2032 Lithium Button Cells 
with a minimum separation of 0.9mm
between central negative (-) pad and outer edge of cell
Volts 2 x 3V
Light Duration 65 hrs (flashing) & 25 hrs (static)
Ingress Protection IP67
Weight (incl. cells)  23 grams
  • All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate.
  • Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request.

Light Output Diagram

4.7lm Wide Angle Beam (approx. 180°)

Peak luminous intensity at 30cm 13.4lux

Product Dimensions



Download file - Markerlite Product Information Sheet
Download file - ML-15A Markerlite Instructions
Download file - ML-15R Markerlite Instructions
Download file - ML-15W Markerlite Instructions
Download file - Markerlite ATEX Certificate
Download file - Markerlite IECEx Certificate

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