The LMXE DLO (Directional Linear Optics) Intelligent Emergency range is ATEX, IECEx and UKEX certified for safe use in Zone 1,2 and 21,22 potentially explosive atmospheres. It has all the features of the LMX DLO Linear standard luminaire, with the additional safety of a battery powered emergency back-up supply should power fail in the Hazardous Area.

The LMXE DLO Intelligent Emergency is available in the 2 different standard industry sizes

Product Information

ZONES: 1, 2, 21 AND 22

The LMXE DLO (Directional Linear Optics) Emergency has all the features and benefits of the standard LMX linear range (see standard linear models), with the additional advantage of the following emergency mode durations (selectable by the installer on-site) supplied by the NiMH battery:

You can choose from the following options:

• 4 hours at 25% output (LMX2E models); 4 hours at 12.5% output (LMX4E models)
• 2 hours at 50% output (LMX2E models); 2 hours at 25% output (LMX4E models)
• 1 hour at 100% output (LMX2E models); 1 hour at 50% output (LMX4E models)

LMX4E DLO models have one “emergency” and one “standard module”

The Intelligent Emergency circuit automatically performs periodic functional and battery duration self-testing to monitor the system and battery condition. Throughout this period LED output from the Emergency Linear remains at full power to ensure activities and operations in the vicinity remain undisturbed.

A 3 colour LED indicator will show the state of the circuit:
• Green indicates that everything is functioning correctly
• Amber indicates the unit is executing a self-test
• Red indicates a fault or that the battery hasn’t reached full capacity
(see manual for further details)


  • All the features of the standard LMX DLO linear range

    Additional advantage of 3 selectable emergency mode durations

  • Fully Retrofitable

    Easy to convert existing fluorescent lamps to high power low energy consumption LEDs

  • Fitted with patented and revolutionary Directional Linear Optics (DLO)

    For unique directional, low glare, human centric lighting

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Dust Zone: 21 and 12

Gas Zone: 1 and 2

Power Source: LEAD

Model: 2ft, 32W, DLO, T90°C


Dust Zone: 21 and 22

Gas Zone: 1 and 2

Power Source: Lead

Model: 4ft, 56W, DLO, T90°C

Technical Information

Product Reference LMX2E-L-60 LMX4E-L-60

II 2 G Ex eb mb IIC T4 Gb

II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T90°C Db


ExVeritas 19 ATEX 0433X

IECEx EXV 19.0001X

ExVeritas 21 UKEX 0946X

Input Voltage Range 100-140V AC; 200-277V AC
Input Power (230V) 32W 56W
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Power Factor >0.90
Enclosure Size 2ft 4ft
Lumen Output (Max)* 1,988 3,976
LED Module & Quantity 1x Emergency DLO 1x Emergency DLO and 1x DLO
Beam Angles 90° (110° upon request) 90° (110° upon request)
Ingress Protection IP66/IP67 (depending on gland fitted)
Gas Temp. Class T4
Weight 6.5kg 10.5kg
Dust Surface Temp. T90°C
Lower Temp. Limit -40 °C
Upper Temp. Limit 60 °C
Colour Temperature 5000K
  • *Lumen output figures stated are for 230V AC
  • All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate.
  • Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request.

Light Output Diagram

Product Dimensions


Download file - LMXE Emergency Linear Instructions
Download file - LMXE Emergency Linear ATEX Certificate
Download file - LMXE Emergency Linear IECEx Certificate
Download file - LMXE Emergency Linear UKEX Certificate

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