The M-660 and M-680 helmet mount kits allow Wolf's Mini and Midi Torches to be mounted on Centurion helmets or helmets with a Euro 30 slot. 

Product Information

The strong and versatile M-660 and M-680 helmet brackets are designed to allow the Wolf M-40, M-60 and M-70 Mini torches, and the M-85 Midi torch, to be attached to Centurion helmets or helmets with a Euro 30 slot.

Allowing hands free use in the Hazardous Area, use of the bracket with a Mini or Midi torch means you are not restricted to the typical flood beam pattern of most head torches - you have the flexibility to choose the right beam pattern and light output for the specific application.  When attached to the helmet, the M-60, with it's tight spot beam, is particularly useful when walking or gaining hands free access through restricted entrances.  If illumination is needed for a more prolonged period, the 10 hour battery duration of the M-40 would be the ideal choice. Where high levels of light are required, the M-85, with it's tight spot and a wide angle fringe beam, can easily be attached to the helmet.  

Once attached, the torch can be easily adjusted both laterally and vertically to allow efficient, hands free work.  The torch can be simply and quickly released from the mount when required, allowing the torch to be used both as a standard and head torch - a cost effective solution for many applications. 


For use with Wolf M-20, M-40, M-60 & M-70 Mini Torches.


For use with the M-85 Midi Torch.

Technical Information

Product Reference M-660 M-680
Product Description Helmet bracket for a Centurion helmet, or helmets with a Euro 30 slot. Helmet bracket for a Centurion helmet, or helmets with a Euro 30 slot.
Material Plastic Plastic
For use with M-20, M-40, M-60 & M-70 mini torches. M-85 midi torch.
  • All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate.
  • Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request.


Download file - Helmet Brackets for Wolf Mini and Midi Torches Product Information Sheet
Download file - Wolf Midi Torch Helmet Mount Instructions M680 issue 2
Download file - Wolf Mini Torch Helmet Mount Instructions M660 issue 2

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