With more than 100 years experience of manufacturing safety lighting for potentially explosive atmospheres, and world leader in Portable and Temporary Hazardous Area lighting, we've recently launched our innovative range of Hazardous Area LED Installed lighting.  The range consists of: Linear luminaires (including Intelligent Emergency versions), Flood lights, Highbays and Bulkheads (including Intelligent Emergency versions). 

The LMX Linear range is available with our patented ground-breaking DLO LED technology, which also comes as standard in the LBX Bulkhead range.

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Key Benefits

  • Highly efficient drivers and light engines

    Deliver up to 144 lumens per Watt, reducing ongoing running costs

  • Comprehensive range of optics

    Offers optimal light distribution solutions for any given application

  • Low inrush current

    Gives enhanced utilisation of MCBs and lower installation costs due to use of smaller cross section area cable and fewer circuits for new installations

  • Ideal for retrofit

    No need to replace existing cables; more capacity for higher powered lights on the same circuit without risking tripping from inrush currents

  • Made in the UK

    The Installed range is produced in our Sheffield manufacturing base

  • 5 Year Guarantee

    All installed lighting products are supplied with a 5 year warranty

  • Staggeringly long LED life

    Projected L70 in excess of 145,000 hours

  • Minimal Glare

    Innovative Directional Linear Optics (DLO) patented technology is designed to avoid eye dazzle by redistributing the intense LED point source light and emitting it over a surface area 500x larger

  • perfect replacement for fluorescent tubes

    DLO allows light fittings to be safely positioned in close proximity and the within the eyeline of personnel, and direct the light where required, making this technology the perfect replacement for fluorescent tubes

Hazardous Area Installed ATEX, IECEx & UKEX Approved Lighting Fittings for Zone 1 & Zone 2 (Gas) and Zone 21 & Zone 22 (Dust) Explosive Atmospheres.

Designed and manufacturered by Wolf Safety in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Our in house technical team are experts in ATEX compliance, and can provide detailed lighting plans to illustrate the differing options we are able to offer, clearly demonstrating lux levels and the direction and spread of light in the areas to be illuminated. Our LMX Linears and Bulkheads are fitted with our Patented lighting technology Directional Linear Optics (DLO); which greatly reduces glare and delivers highly consistent and even illumination. Due to the consistent spread of light delivered by the DLO models, this can also result in needing fewer lamps for greater cost efficiency.

Developed to the highest standards to ensure ultimate safety and reliability for installation in areas with risk of explosion in gas and oil facilities, petrochemical and industry.

All Wolf ATEX Installed Lights are manufacturered to industry standard sizes to allow simple retrofit to existing lighting installations. 



Wolf offers a lighting design service which can provide a selection of customised solutions to ensure optimal lighting levels, mitigate potential hazards, be more energy efficient and save costs!

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