Offshore Platform Leg Inspection

For routine maintenance schedules encompassing the internal inspection of offshore oil and gas platform legs, ambient illumination is commonly required to enable safe and efficient activities to be undertaken within this extreme hazardous area.

Wolf's LinkEx™ Temporary Leg Inspection Lighting solution comprises low voltage LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaires, which are linked together at intervals to form chains and fixed and lowered down on ropes inside a platform leg.

Ideal for working in the confined space of a metal platform leg, the LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaires are high power LED leadlamps for use in short-term lighting tasks and are CE marked to the ATEX Directive for safe use in Zones 1 and 2 potentially explosive gas and Zones 21 and 22 dust atmospheres, where a T3 temperature class permits.

The Luminaires provide high quality ambient lighting, each unit utilises two arrays of high power LEDs offering brilliant white light output, up to 3250 lumens, from a high reliability, low maintenance 'fitted for life' light source.

Running from the platform’s power supply, a Wolf ATEX Transformer provides low voltage in-situ 24V power to all the Luminaires, which are supplied in a ‘linkable’ form with 24V ATEX sockets fitted. Luminaires can be effectively linked in series due to the low power consumption of the highly efficient LEDs and with a built-in SOVI (Safe Operation Voltage Indicator) monitor show immediately whether running at a correct, safe voltage.

The Luminaires have a robust construction suited to very harsh environments and for this solution, each is fitted with brackets, positioned top and bottom, and carabiners to attach to a climbing rope enabling the lights to be securely lowered into position in the platform leg offering maximum security and stability. Cables can also be secured to the rope to reduce excessive strain on the linkable sockets. Rope and fixings to be supplied or specified by the customer.

If work tasks are to be carried out requiring greater levels of directional task lighting the LinkEx™ LED Floodlite can be used, where up to four units are secured to rope and lowered into the platform leg whilst being run from a single transformer.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements in terms of platform leg lengths and light output.