Tank Cleaning and Maintenance

ATEX explosion protected temporary lighting for tank cleaning, maintenance and inspection

Many industries, including the oil and gas sector, have a frequent need for the safe cleaning of storage tanks and distribution facilities for chemicals, bio-fuels and petroleum products. As part of their programmes of routine tank maintenance, cleaning and inspection, hazardous area workers require specialist temporary lighting and power equipment to maximise efficiency and minimise risk for safe work in the confined space.

Explosion Protected Tank Lighting Kits

Tank cleaning hazardous area lighting equipment requirements are centred on:

  • ATEX certification for safe use in Zone 1 potentially explosive gas atmospheres
  • Low voltage 24V equipment for use in metal tanks to reduce the impact of electric shock
  • High light output for both ambient and task working areas
  • Positioning, mounting and protection accessories

Wolf Safety has a range of low voltage intrinsically safe tank lighting solutions for use in the confined ATEX hazardous area spaces of empty storage tanks which offer maximum flexibility in terms of ambient and task lighting configurations and positioning. With an extensive range of mounting and protection accessories, the kits are ideal for cleaning and maintenance activities where the equipment needs to be mounted on tripods, magnets and scaffold brackets and protected from the rigours of harsh industrial and offshore applications with lens guards and protective films and grills.

The Wolf Safety low voltage tank lighting kits are lightweight and easy to set-up making them highly portable for use within a confined tank space and are extremely efficient in terms of power consumption and light output, increasing the productivity and safety of the cleaning, maintenance, repair and overhaul engineers. 

Wolf Safety works extensively with terminal operators, tank cleaning contractors, maintenance and inspection engineers throughout the world to offer low voltage tank lighting kits and temporary lighting solutions.