Don't Be Left in the Dark! Our New Emergency Luminaire is now Available!

What would you do if you were in a confined space and the power supply to your hazardous area certified temporary lighting failed?  It’s a frightening thought, but one that need never happen.  The new LX-400E, Wolf’s new LINKEX™ LED Emergency Luminaire, will keep you safe by ensuring that you’re never left in the dark!

Should cable power fail, the LX-400E will automatically switch to battery power and emit 1,500 lumens of light for 3 hours, effectively illuminating the work area and giving you more than enough time to get out of the affected area whilst the power supply problem is resolved.

In normal circumstances (i.e. when the power supply is functioning correctly and the lamp is working on cable power), the LX-400E LINKEX™ LED ATEX Emergency luminaire gives up to 3,000 lumens light output and, when fitted with the appropriate plugs and sockets, it can be linked in a series with other LINKEX™ lights in a highly flexible and fully scalable lighting solution for any hazardous area confined space. 

Many people find that using one Emergency luminaire with three standard luminaires is the optimum combination to be confident that the hazardous area can be evacuated safely should there be any failure to the cable power supply.    

Just like the standard LINKEX™ LED Luminaire, the Emergency luminaire is fitted with Wolf’s unique SOVI™ technology - a safety feature which warns you by pulsing the beam if the voltage being supplied to the lighting equipment exceeds the safe and certified range or falls below the optimum voltage range.  More details about SOVI™ can be found here SOVI™

Only Wolf can offer hazardous area certified temporary luminaires in high and low voltages – both Standard and Emergency lamps – T4 temperature class with an ambient temperature up to +55°C and ATEX and IECEx certified anti-static protective films and bags.

For full details of the new LX-400E LINKEX™ LED Emergency luminaire, see here LX-400E