More light for less power – Low Voltage LinkEx™ LED floodlite WF-300

Wolf Safety enhances its ATEX and IECEx certified low voltage LinkEx™ LED Floodlite with the very latest led technology to produce more light using less power.

Using an array of 48 high power LEDs to deliver an impressive flood of brilliant white light, the new Low Voltage LinkEx™ LED Floodlite produces 60% more light output than previously, increasing from 3,300 to 5,200 lumens, allowing hazardous area workers to carry out tasks quicker and more safely as a result of better illumination and visibility. With each unit illuminating a greater working area, fewer units are required to undertake tasks resulting in lower initial equipment investment costs. The latest LED technology offers a 65% increase in LED lumens per watt, from 57 to 88 and provides lower operating costs by using less energy from an efficient power consumption of only 59 watts.

The cable powered Low Voltage LinkEx™ LED Floodlite now benefits from a wider input voltage range of 18 to 54volts compared to the previously limited 24 volts, offering greater power input supply options for applications using 42-48V, which is a preferred voltage on some sites and similarly 32V too. Critically the Floodlite is only safe when used within its voltage tolerance so the broader range now offers greater application flexibility and in turn overall product safety, plus enables longer cable lengths and facilitates the linking of units together in a chain.

Higher ambient applications in hot environments like the Middle East and Africa can now be considered due to a raised maximum operating ambient temperature from +50°C to +55°C, plus maximum external surface temperature for dust protection is lowered from 103°C to 87°C and cable temperature rise from 61°C to 34°C. Overall, the unit is now 'cooler' running and much more efficient resulting in greater flexibility and safety for hazardous area users.

The new LED technology is available in the WF-300SLM Low Voltage LinkEx™ LED Floodlite model, used extensively by terminal operators, tank cleaning contractors, maintenance and inspection engineers throughout the world, primarily in Wolf's LinkEx™ Tank Lighting Kits, to maximise efficiency and illumination, and minimise risk to allow safe work in confined hazardous area empty storage tank spaces. The high performance, lightweight, portable floodlight for temporary application usage is CE marked to the ATEX Directive and IECEx Certified for safe use in Zone 1 potentially explosive gas and Zone 21 explosive dust atmospheres, where a T4 temperature class permits.

Alex Jackson, Wolf Safety’s Managing Director comments “The integration of the very latest LED technology into the LinkEx™ LED Floodlite allows us to not only provide our end users with improved hazardous area lighting solutions which are designed and trusted for reliability and versatility in harsh hazardous area environments but deliver on-going efficiencies through low power consumption, increased light output and minimal on-going maintenance commitments. The LinkEx™ LED Floodlite is a fundamental element of our temporary lighting range and we are committed to bringing further efficiency and functionality enhancements to both ambient and task lighting and power distribution solutions this year."


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