New M-70 Zone 0/20 LED Mini Torch Meets Stricter Harmonised Dust Standards for Safe Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

The M-70 has the best possible certification for working in potentially explosive dust atmospheres

The M-70, powered by 2 AAA batteries, has the best possible certification for working in potentially explosive dust atmospheres

Wolf’s technical team have developed the new M-70 Mini LED torch to fully meet the latest, stricter safety standards designed to protect people working in dust atmospheres

The latest harmonisation of ATEX and IECEx standards means it’s now much more difficult for Ex rated torches and handlamps to achieve the highest and safest certification level for dust – Zone 20 – and nearly all equipment previously certified as Zone 20 would not achieve this rating if tested today. Our new Hazardous Area LED Mini Torch, the M-70, was specifically designed by our technical team here in Sheffield to meet these requirements and has passed the more onerous testing required for this increased level of safety.

Wolf's Managing Director, Alex Jackson, is delighted with the new torch, saying: 

It's the best certified product in the Wolf range and can be taken anywhere.  It’s watertight, can be used in Zones 0/20 potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres.  In fact, it's the ideal take anywhere torch

Updating and harmonising standards ensures that manufacturers work to the latest technical knowledge and that equipment isn't manufactured and sold to a standard which becomes increasingly older, ignoring the latest technological advances and manufacturing capabilities that can increase safety.  Additionally, users get the benefit of safer products.

This latest harmonisation is highly significant as virtually all torches that were previously certified to Zone 20 Dust would not pass these new tests. Furthermore, few manufacturers will be able to design and produce equipment that will in future meet the new rigorous testing needed to achieve the highest rated level: Zone 20, Dust Group IIIC. 

In short, there will be far fewer new Zone 20 torches available and less choice for the many users who want the reassurance of the safest and “best” certified torch – those who want to know they’re safe when passing from one Zone to another, and where the dividing line between zones may not always be clear.

The most significant change of the latest harmonised standard is the recognition of dust subgroups, where previously there was none.  They are:

  • IIIA – Combustible flyings
  • IIIB – Non-conductive dust
  • IIIC – Conductive dust


Other changes include a demand for enhanced mechanical protection in the enclosure (to ensure electrically conductive dusts cannot get into the circuit with undesired and potentially serious consequences), and a series of new requirements for the materials used in the enclosure.

Harmonisation doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t continue using an older Zone 20 torch.  Assuming it’s in good condition and was compliant to the standards in place at the time of purchase, you can (once a product has been purchased and is in use, it is assumed to be fit for purpose).

However, it does mean that you won’t benefit from the increased protection afforded by the new standards and the more stringent tests required for certification. 

The newly certified M-70 does provide that additional protection and gives users the peace of mind and reassurance they’re looking for when working in potentially explosive atmospheres.  Its mechanically protected enclosure stops dust getting in to where the batteries and circuit are located – even if the torch is subjected to mechanical force or damage.  This means it can be taken in to an atmosphere where electrically conductive dust is present

In common with all torches in the Wolf Mini & Micro range, it’s ergonomically designed and constructed from high quality thermoplastic resin, with excellent impact and chemical resistance.

Its spot beam has a wider fringe with Cree LEDs emitting a light output of up to 107 lumens, powered by 2 readily available AAA batteries.  Duration is up to 7 hours.

IP67 rated, the M-70’s polycarbonate lens is set-back within the lens ring to minimise risk of damage.  Other features include a lanyard hole and an integral pocket clip for secure retention and to prevent roll on a flat surface.  Its switch is push-button for single-handed use and is shrouded to guard against accidental operation.

Full product details can be found here.