Wolf Safety Launches 2 New High-Power ATEX Compact Safety LED Torches

The new TS-65 straight bodied ATEX Compact Safety LED Torch

The new TS-65 is a high performance, multi-functional ATEX Compact Safety LED torch

Building on the tremendous success of the TR-65 and TR-60, we’re delighted to announce additions to the compact safety torch range with the launch of 2 new straight bodied ATEX Compact Safety LED torches – the TS-65 and TS-60 – which are ideal for use in the most demanding Hazardous Areas and are now available from stock.

Building on the tremendous success and popularity of the market-leading right angle TR-65 and TR-60 ATEX Compact Safety LED torches, Wolf’s Sheffield (UK) based technical team has developed two straight bodied versions of the torches which retain all their best features and perform even better!

The 2 new straight bodied torches are ATEX, IECEX and UKEX certified for safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres, with the TS-65 approved for use in gas Zone 0 and dust Zone 21, and the TS-60 for gas Zone 1 and dust Zone 21. 

Like the right-angle TR-65, the straight bodied TS-65 has three power options and combines supreme performance with high safety.  Its maximum light output is a market leading 330 lumens and battery duration can be as long as 159 hours – that’s almost a week! The more economical, single power mode TS-60 has a maximum light output of  220 lumens with a duration of 14 hours.

The new TS-65 and TS-60 torches use high powered LEDs to emit a tight  beam and fringe which can be easily directed to create intense light for inspections or distant illumination

Powered by four AA alkaline primary cells, both torches have deep discharge protection and the beam will dip when battery level drops to 15% or lower.  The TS-65 offers the additional safety feature of a battery level indicator, which flashes continuously when this level is reached.

Both torch models are both IP66 and IP67 rated, compact and light weight, with a well-balanced, ergonomic design that is easy to use and operate with gloved hands.

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