Blasting, Coating and Painting

Large infrastructure, such as road and rail bridges, storage tanks farms and other large metal structures undergo regular blasting, jetting, coating and painting applications to protect their metal surfaces, provide them with anti-corrosive properties and prolong the life of assets.

The process of preparing the metal surfaces through grit blasting and water jetting and then the application of protective coatings and paints create potentially explosive gas, vapour, mist and dust atmospheres. In addition, with the structures typically shrouded with access, containment and enclosure systems (booths and tenting) the working areas have low light levels insufficient for safe and efficient working. Wolf’s explosion protected temporary task lighting solutions are ideal for such situations and blasting, coating and painting applications requirements are centred on:

  • ATEX certification for safe use in Zone 1 potentially explosive gas, vapour, mist and dust atmospheres
  • Rechargeable, Mains Voltage or Low Voltage 24V equipment (for use in metal tanks to reduce the impact of electric shock)
  • High light output for task working areas delivering floods of brilliant white light
  • Positioning, mounting and protection accessories

Wolf Safety has a range of intrinsically safe temporary task LED lighting solutions, for use in enclosed ATEX hazardous area spaces, specifically:

  • LinkEx™ LED Floodlite - a high performance, lightweight, portable LED floodlight, running off mains voltages and available to link together in a chain.
  • ATEX Worklite - a rechargeable high output LED floodlight with unique levels of light output, operational duration and robustness in a self-contained battery powered lamp.
  • LinkEx™ ATEX Tank Lighting Kit - a low voltage configuration of an ATEX transformer and LinkEx™ LED Floodlites.

With an extensive range of mounting and protection accessories, the LinkEx™ LED Floodlite can also be mounted on the enclosure structure, typically scaffolding, using the Scaffold Mounting Bracket or on a Tripod plus to protect from blasting and coating/paint residue it is available with lens guard, protective film and grill.

Wolf Safety works extensively with painting and protective coating installation contractors and our temporary task lighting solutions are used extensively on major infrastructure, energy facility and marine refurbishment projects throughout the world.